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Explore the Fundamentals of Hatha Yoga

You’ll learn from the foundations of asana practice and discover how to integrate breath and movement to find greater harmony, balance, and connection. Start your Hatha Yoga practice today to gain flexibility, strength, and a calm mind. 

Hatha Basic 


Hatha Yoga 

(Mixed levels) 

Hatha 2 

(Intermediate to Advanced levels) 


Relaxing & Restorative


This collection of classes will guide you into deep relaxation from your physical, mental and psychic state. Enjoy a mindful stretch of both your mind & body in your chosen way: grounding on the mat or floating up in the air; in your sacred space and pace, with or without the richly resonant sounds of singing bowls or crystal bowls.

Be exposed to a life filled with compassion and love for yourself.

Relaxing Stretch 

Gentle Stretch with Singing Bowl

Yin Yang 

Aerial Sound Journey 

Aerial Stretch 

(The above classes are suitable for all levels of practitioners) 

Class_Relaxing _ Restorative_edited.png
Relaxing & Restorative
Skills & Techniques

Skills & Techniques

Achieve Your Goals

This is a physical and energetic exploration of different aspects of asana practice. You will work through instructional classes that break down the mechanics of different asanas, practice the drills to gain the strength and flexibility that suitable for your body and to get the powerful tools that help overcome fear and develop a deeper connection to the self. 


Back Bend 


Core & Arm 


Introduction to Arm Balance


Introduction to Inversion 


Deep Stretch 

(The above classes are mixed levels,

i.e. options & modifications will be given accordingly) 



Defying Gravity 

Aerial Yoga is a hybrid type of movement combining yoga, pilates, dance and aerial acrobatics with the use of a hammock. The super fun and artistic nature make it a major stress-buster. This is also perfect for those experiencing back issues because hanging freely allows the spine to lengthen and decompress. Come fly with us and enjoy the freedom of movement the hammock and the techniques bring to our body. 


Beginner Aerial Yoga 


Aerial Yoga


Aerial Stretch


Aerial Sound Journey

(The above classes are suitable for all levels of students) 


Aerial Flow 

(Recommended with at least 10-15 consistent classes of practice) 

Class_Specialty (1)_resize.jpg


Uniquely Yours

This series of classes is all about self-care.  Because not every yoga practice is suitable for everybody every day, the below classes are curated in an aim to touch on various goals for individuals in different stage and circumstances of their life. The class will help you gain a better understanding of your body, clear your mind of excess and establish a stronger connection between your mind & body. 


Prenatal Yoga




Abs & Core


Wheel Yoga


Back Care Yoga


Slim & Detox


(The above classes are suitable for all levels of practitioners) 

Flow & Energizing

Flow & Energizing

Glow with the Flow

This pillar of classes is all about opening the space in your body and mind to wash out any rigidity. You’ll aim to create more fluidity within your practice and become more aware of the transitions that bring you from point A to point B. Get ready to tie together breath and movement as you become free like water. Expect to feel invigorated, balanced, elated and more flexible after each class. 


Gentle Flow




Yoga Balance


Wheel Yoga


Slim & Detox




Abs & Core


(Classes are suitable for all levels of students) 


Meet teachers that you can trust

Special Class: Backbend


每人的身體因自小的活動習慣而不一樣 #karma 





我們相信 𝙰𝚠𝚊𝚛𝚎𝚗𝚎𝚜𝚜 𝙿𝚛𝚎𝚌𝚎𝚍𝚎𝚜 𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚎 (先意識 後改變) 

不論你處於任何程度  花4個月時間


所需要的熱身方式   進入式子的步驟  


以至後彎串聯中 自在呼吸  柔韌有至    


時間: 星期日 上午 9:00-11:00 (120分鐘) 







Credits 優惠: 10堂/130 credits; 5 堂/80 credits; 單堂: 18 credits

現金價格:10堂/$6,000; 5 堂/80 credits; 單堂: $7,200

體驗優惠:$880 / 2節(32 credits) 

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